December 2019  
This Week's Events


Prayer and Worship Service
7:00 PM
On Wednesday nights we meet for a time of prayer and devotional. On the Wednesday after the second Sunday of the month we have our monthly business meeting.
Bible Search

Come and join us this year on our airship journey through God’s Word to learn how God abides in us; how we can trust God in all things; that  we can pray anytime, anywhere for anything; to gain the strength to stand for God no matter what temptation comes; and how to obey God’s will in our lives.  

In a steam punk fashion and with the help of Artemus, we will discover the truths God’s Word has in each of these areas.  

Our VBS will be Monday, June 27th through Friday, July 1st from 9:00 am to noon.  

We will have classes for ages 2 (out of diapers) through 102.   We would like to encourage parents to stay and participate if possible.   Friday, July 1st, at 11:30 am we will have our closing exercises for the week followed by a luncheon.   Parents and friends are welcome to attend and watch the classes participate in what they have learned during the week and receive their awards and certificates.

If possible please fill out and print the top half of the registration form to bring with your child to save time..

If you have any questions please feel free to call Rena at 541-389-2352.  

Hope to see you there!